One of the commendable aspects of Pacha’s new direction last year, was the introduction of some quality driven parties, that were technically savvy. The mainstream commercialism at the club in previous years, had led to old and tired acts, churning out the same sound week after week and clubbers had got used to a certain style of product emanating from the famous Cherries label. It was a sudden jolt for many people to view and digest a menu that had changed so much. It was like there was a brand new chef in the kitchen and they were serving food of a more sophisticated and discerning taste. Two dishes that really stood out from the norm, were, Guy Gerbers Wisdom of the Glove party, and John Digweeds, Insane Party. For Gerbers Wisdom Of The Glove, we got a Heston Blumenthal style dish, while Insane, was more of a professional Masterchef plate, which appealed to a diverse and populist Ibiza mindset. It did indeed excite many of the regular diners at Pacha, as well as introducing a new clientele to the night. Word got out that Insane had the mix just right and this season, it has the potential to be the clubs best underground party as the purists return to Pacha.

Social media outlets in Ibiza are reporting that Guy Gerbers, Wisdom Of The Glove party, will not return to Wednesday nights at Pacha. Maybe it was too much of an ask, in its first year of change, for clubbers to digest two underground parties, especially one as innovative and different as Gerbers. But Heston Blumenthal is an acquired taste and Wisdom Of The Glove was different, but in a quirky way. From a commercial aspect, Pacha may feel it couldn’t indulge a night that was not performing as well as the gate receipts from 2012 and Erick Morillo. The Club still has to make money to pay the bills and Pacha are always restricted with just a 3000 limit, but that’s one of the reasons why the VIP generated revenue is there- to make up for the lack in capacity while still ensuring quality. Gerber’s party was maybe a little bit before its time and the pressure and expectation that was present last season to fill Morillo’s shoes, did not help. With some more time to develop, it can come back strong and it is rumoured that the Wisdom Of The Glove concept, will be kept alive in some other format, maybe at Destino. We will just have to wait and see.

What Next For The Glove?

Insane survived because it did better at the gate than WTOF,  it also brought together some quality DJ’s, such as John Digweed and DJ Sneak to name but a few. Lots of good judges were remarking about how promising the Insane party was last year and with John Digweed and Fritz Kalkbrenner associated with the night again, then it has a bright future ahead of it. Multiple headline DJ’s, in the underground deep tech genre, playing in a unique and intimate setting, seems to be a trend that is emerging in Ibiza at present. Pacha, DC10 and Sankeys, fit that bill nicely and expect those clubs to be where some of the best underground parties will be happening this summer in Ibiza. It is expected that Insane will remain fixed into a Friday night slot for the foreseeable future and that Flower Power will remain on Tuesdays. With David Guetta already confirmed for Thursdays,  Solomun is expected to return to Sundays. Rumours that Monday and Wednesday nights will be filled by two new parties are also emerging,  but we hope to have official word on the new dates soon. Until then, make sure to include the Insane party in the calculations for Ibiza 2014.

UPDATE 24/3/14 Denis Ferrer and MK signed for 10 parties at Insane.Guy Gerber will also showcase 4 WOTG parties with Insane read more here