After a stroll through Dalt Villa in Ibiza town recently, I came across an unusual and interesting ice cream parlour. It served home made 100% natural ice creams and shakes along with crepes and slushies. I decided to order an ice cream and was wondering why the man serving my cone was taking so long to scoop it. When he handed it to me I realised why he was taking his time……the Ice cream was a work of art!! He had individually sculpted the ice cream so that each scoop resembled a petal of a rose. My beautiful vanilla ice cream was now a creamy and delicious edible flower. Wow I thought…its nearly too beautiful to eat. It brought a smile to my face and such a simple treat and experience made me remember why I love Ibiza so much…it just keeps surprising you when you least expect it. The shop, named Ibirosa, is located on Calle Del Mar in the Port shopping area of Ibiza town. Its well worth a visit and at only €2 an ice cream wont break the bank