Cleaning Staff to the front at Hotel Club Augusta

I have travelled the world and stayed in many hotels and resorts in my time, from backpacker hostels to 5* Hotels. As a Tripadvisor Destination expert for the Island of Ibiza, I get to field many questions on the Tripadvisor Forum with regard to Hotels, Clubs, Resorts and things to do in Ibiza. One factor I find that many people will always prioritise when booking a Hotel, is its level of cleanliness. Compared to other Holiday destinations in Europe, Ibiza would rank highly, in its attention to detail when its comes to cleanliness. The vast majority of Hotels in Ibiza seem to always ensure, that a basic and fundamental factor of their business model is to provide a clean environment. They have found that most guests will put up other problems like dated facilities or poor food, as long as a good level of cleanliness can be provided. This basic principle is delivered by a vast army of low paid cleaning staff, that for some holidaymakers, go about their daily business largely unnoticed. In reality, they keep the show on the road and are the backbone and engine room of the Hotel trade in Ibiza.

Your typical cleaning lady in Ibiza, is about 50 plus years of age. They are traditionally dressed in a blue and white striped uniform with a white cap and many are grandmothers and mothers within the local community. They don’t usually interact with the guests (probably told not to do so by management) as their English is poor but if a guest can speak some Spanish, they will happily chat away if the guest initiates it. I always find them to be a happy and contented bunch, singing or humming away as they expertly clean the rooms in under 10 minutes. In all my time in Ibiza, I have never witnessed a male member of room cleaning staff;  they are always women, ranging in age from their early 20’s right up to 60. They are fantastic with children. I remember a time when our little girl was not feeling too well and we couldn’t figure out why she was so tired and lifeless. It was a helpful cleaning lady that suggested she may be suffering from a small touch of heat stroke and told us to cool her down with water in the bath and keep her indoors and rested for the day. The diagnosis was 100% correct. After a days rest and cooling down she was back to herself. She also advised us, that a siesta for children, is always advisable during the summer in Ibiza.

With the many fair skinned tourists that populate Ibiza hotels in summer, some are not aware of the dangers of the sun and overheating. Im sure they have witnessed many cases of kids and adults overexerting themselves in the heat and know only too well the problems associated with it. When in Ibiza I always make the effort to say hello, ask their name and get to know them, as an extra towel, small favour or piece of advice, will always be dispensed if requested. In my opinion they are the unsung hero’s of Ibiza’s hospitality industry, quietly and efficiently, going about their business without interfering. They are not very well paid, (this is probably why hotels can afford to employ so many) so I always try to tip them, as they, in my opinion, deserve it more than anybody else. So next time when in Ibiza on Holiday, take they time to say hello and ask the name of the lady cleaning your room, as in most cases, its always the quiet ones that notice what is happening.