A Real Villa Party

A Villa after party, which was organised for profit, was raided by police in Ibiza on Sunday last. The Villa, located near the hippodrome roundabout between San Rafel and Ibiza Town, was charging €15 for entrance. Inside the Villa, a DJ was pumping out the tunes, much to the annoyance of neighbours, who complained to police about the noise emanating from the decks. A patrol car was dispatched to investigate and the organisers of the party were warned to turn the music down to permitted daytime levels. However, the warning went unheeded and the music continued into the evening. When police returned, they were not in such a benevolent mood and promptly shut down the party, issued 53 parking tickets, two drug possession charges, and arrested a person for not having a driving licence. These type of illegal parties are becoming commonplace as so called “entrepreneurs” organise once off parties, duping gullible tourists into believing its an exclusive, invitation only event, and then charging them for entry when they show up at the Villa. They are usually only one step ahead of the law, but most escape with the takings in their pockets, leaving the gullible tourists behind to take the rap when the enforcement inevitably arrives to shut it down.