While some tourists may get bad press in Ibiza, the majority contribute both financially and socially to the island’s welfare. There are many fine organisations that work tirelessly for the islands environment and well being of its society and one such group is Apneef, a non profit association founded in 1998 with the aim of improving the quality of life of children and adolescents with special needs. This week respected local car hire company Moto Luis presented a cheque of €2500 to the charity from donations it received from its clients during the summer season.

Marga Riog of Moto Luis stated in the Periodico de Ibiza that, “We are very proud of our customers and we hope that this initiative will motivate other businesses on the island to contribute to such a worthy project”. In Ibiza there has always been an age old tradition of giving something back to the island and it is heartwarming to see that this culture is still alive and well. Long may it continue. Donations to the charity can be made via it website.