Ibiza is to consider a possible change to the licencing laws that determines the hours a club or bar opens and closes at. The current restrictive licencing laws were introduced by the last Ibiza Government, which had a green and environmentally friendly element in its makeup.

The new Government, which was elected into office earlier this year, is considered a pro business friendly organisation, interested more in the creation of Jobs and employment for the Island, rather than preservation of the local environment.

A meeting of the Local Concil of Ibiza Mayors will take place in September, to discuss the pros and cons of extending the hours by which Ibiza clubs and bars can trade. Local resident associations will be consulted along with businessmen in the four municipalities on the Island, before any decision is made.

At present uniform licencing laws apply to all the four municipalities. What may now happen for 2012, is that each municipality will determine its own licencing laws. What is good for Santa Eularia may not be good for San Antonio and vice versa. Therefore the Mayor of each Municipality will have the power to set its own laws with regard to Club and Bar trading hours.

The good news for Clubbers and big business in Ibiza, is that some change to the current licencing laws is now looking more likely for 2012.