The Case Of The Vanishing Taxi

A Russian businessman, who recently arrived into Ibiza Airport to close a deal on the purchase of a yacht, accidentally left his suitcase in the back of an Ibiza Taxi. Inside the suitcase were all his valuables, including €80,000 cash to purchase the boat. The man had jumped into the Taxi outside Ibiza Airport and took the short journey to Playa Den Bossa where he was dropped off at his Hotel. He soon noticed his mistake but the Taxi had driven off before he could make the driver aware of his loot in the boot. Efforts to track down the Taxi, have to date, proved unsuccessful. Local Police are making enquiries on his behalf but its likely that the Taxi has disappeared into the night never to be found again. €80,000 is a tidy retirement fund for a Taxi Driver in Ibiza and an opportunity that the mysterious bandit felt, was too tempting to pass up. The Blog will keep readers updated on this story.