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Ibiza Supermodel Villa Owned By Vladislav Doronin Set For Demolition.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Located not too far from the 6.3KM of sunset coastline owned by the Ruben Brothers, Russian property tycoon and luxury Hotelier Vladislav Doronin owns a terracotta walled villa surrounded by palm trees overlooking the Mediterranean sea on the famous party island of Ibiza. Mr Doronin, who recently distanced himself from the invasion of Ukraine after protesters gathered outside his Aman New York resort in Manhattan, reportedly purchased the property from the Australian Supermodel Elle McPherson in 2012. Unfortunately for Mr Doronin, the Villa now faces a demolition order after the local council of Sant Joseph judged several illegal constructions were made on the site. This process is now before the Supreme Balearic Courts. 

British supermodel Naomi Cambell, who was dating Mr Doronin after they met at Cannes in 2009, introduced Ms McPhearson’s villa to the Russian developer. A deal was agreed to purchase the property through a Spanish holding company. In 2013 the new owner began to make what the local council claimed were unlicenced alterations to the site. It was reported in the local press that the owner and his security guards intimidated locals, and an environmental councillor was also threatened in 2016.

Mr Doronin may have been unaware of the Law Of The Costas, which gives a legal right of way to Spanish citizens alongside coastline properties. The heavy-handed tactics have not endeared the Russian to local government officials. Now they have moved to demolish the villa, much like the infamous Micheal Cretu affair back in 2009 when the Enigma producer had his 18 million euro mansion bulldozed. 

A heavyweight battle for the ownership rights entangled Sheiks, Superstar DJs and Princesses

While dating Mr Dororion in Ibiza, Ms Cambell was involved in the Boom Nightclub saga. The infamous club was located not too far from Pacha overlooking Marina Botafoc and opened for two seasons under the ownership of Italian playboy and restauranteur Giovani Cipriana. A heavyweight battle for the ownership rights entangled Sheiks, Superstar DJs and Princesses and ended up with Ms Cambell and her posse losing out to some smart middle eastern brinkmanship. Ms Cambell also fell foul of the Russian after their relationship ended with Mr Dorian suing her for outstanding loans and her share in his Ibiza villa. 

With the current anti-Russian sentiment in Europe, it won’t be straightforward for Mr Dororion to save his Ibiza villa, and I would guess it’s only a matter of time before it’s removed from the Cala Conte coastline. 

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