www.diariodeibiza.es Vincent Serra, Jose Urena and Lucia Roman 

The tragic death of Ushuaia Beach Hotel employee Abel Urena, allegedly caused by convicted mobster Paulo Baptista, has mobilised the Ibiza Government to take action with planned introduction of tough new laws that will licence all Ibiza Club and Hotel security staff for the 2012 summer season.

Speaking this week at a press conference to launch the  I Am With Abel Website , Island Council President Vincent Serra, pledged his Governments support to ensuring that the tragic events that surrounded the death of Abel, are not repeated. He also stated his backing for the campaign to bring Paulo Baptista to justice in Ibiza. At present Baptista is held in Holland where the Dutch Judiciary are determining where to extradite him to.

The Portuguese Police would seem to have Jurisdiction for Baptista, as they had first call on the racketeering crimes he is wanted for in Lisbon. However, the Ibiza courts and Abel’s family are pushing for a Murder charge with regard to the alleged assault in Ibiza that was responsible for the death of their son. They claim that the second blow, which Vale Tudo expert Baptista delivered to the victims head, was an act of murder not manslaughter. If the Dutch agree, then the gravity of the crime may persuade them to extradite Baptista to Ibiza, where he will face a 12-26 year sentence if convicted on a murder charge.

Also present at the press conference, were Abel Urenas father Jose Urena, Girlfriend Lucia Roman and Minister of Employment Vincent Roig who committed his full support to implementing strict new laws that would safeguard the security of all people in Ibiza Clubs and Bars. The support group website in Honour of the memory of Able can be viewed at www.yoestoyconabel.es