In an effort to improve the image of San Antonio, a group of Hotel owners have come together to develop a concept that is rooted in the heart of the local community. Family owned and managed, they offer a unique product at an affordable price. The Group, known as Ibiza Small and Friendly Hotels, is based in San Antonio with nine properties and their mission is to offer a Holiday experience based on traditional Ibicenco Hospitality values.

Those values include a warm welcome, with character and an easy local charm. Where a person feels that they are in a home, rather that a soulless hotel. The owners of these Hotels have a natural love and affinity for their Island and posses a valuable knowledge of the simple pleasures of Ibiza life, which include good food and friendly company within the natural beauty of Ibiza. They have all grown up in Ibiza and are part of a vibrant young community that is changing the image of San Antonio for the better.

They all realise that mistakes were made in the past and are committed to ensuring that those mistakes are not repeated again.  They want to reclaim the quaint and beautiful fishing village that they grew up in before the neon lights and cheap package holidays arrived. Ibiza Small and Friendly Hotels want to offer a product that is competitively priced while still offering a comfortable and clean room. All the Hotels rank highly in Tripadvisor ratings and can be viewed on the website. 

Hotel Marfil Private Boat.

I have stayed at three of the Hotels in the concept and found the rooms to be equal or above the 3 star Hotel rating of similar chain hotels on the Island. They are also better value and blow their rivals away with their personal service and warm welcome, offering recommendations to the best restaurants and sights that the Island has to offer. An example of this personal service is found at Hotel Marfil where its owner Toni Ramon, brings his guests out on his boat to sample the hidden beauty of the Island. Toni does not offer this service to non resident guests, it is a gesture of goodwill and appreciation for staying at his Hotel.

Other owners of Hotels in the concept will have their own unique style of hospitality but it will be rooted in the simple foundations of a warm welcome, clean, comfortable accommodation and hospitality drawing from the character of the Island and its people. The concept deserves a great deal of credit for its initiative and determination to improve the image of San Antonio by offering the customer a taste of the Real Ibiza.