A Flavor of the Ibiza Roots Festival.

Ibiza is known for its rich diversity in both culture and personality. The island is home to many local and international artists with a bohemian outlook on life that does not conform to conservative stereotypes. Ibiza has always provided an open canvas for artists and musicians to express themselves upon and a festival which will take place this year, will bring together diverse styles of musical and artistic expression. The Ibiza Roots Festival, will be an open air live event that will feature performances of music, dance and theater that will have an organic theme, deep rooted in the islands true personality. Indian and Flamenco dance which originated from Africa, will be blended with music styles that will include Rock, Reggae, Latin, Folk and Rap. The aim of the festival is to promote World cultures through music and artistic expression and will include acts from Jamaica, India, Hungry, African and Spain. Live jamming sessions will hope to create the spontaneous moments that make Ibiza special and for real lovers of music, its a festival well worth checking out. The family friendly Ibiza Rocks Festival (kids under 10 free) runs from May to October and will take place at different locations across the island. At Las Dalias in May, June and September and at the festival of Sant Carles in June. It will have two dates at the Fairgrounds in July and August and one at the Unesco World Heritage site of Dalt Vila in September. The organic Festival will close in October at the Festival of Sant Antoni. More details of the festival can be found here