Ibiza Opposition Party PSOE 

Ibiza Rocks, one of the success stories of San Antonio in recent years, has come in for Political criticism from socialist opposition party, PSOE. Jose Mari Costa, representative for PSOE in San Antonio, has questioned the process in which Ibiza Rocks received its license to operate as a business. The licence was granted by the incumbent, right wing PP administration, to Ibiza Rocks on August 21st last, after complaints from local residents, that noise levels were excessive. Costa also makes reference to planning permissions for the installation of sound proof screens erected by Ibiza Rocks to dampen sound emanating from its premises. Its clearly an exercise in political opportunism by an opposition party and represents the normal cut and thrust of Ibiza Politics. Its nothing for Ibiza Rocks to worry about, but it is a sign of their growing influence, that they have come under the spotlight of Island politics.