Two Door Cinema Club

Ibiza Rocks have been quick to announce the booking of Irish Indie Rock band, Two Door Cinema Club, for their closing party of summer 2012. A rare fumble from the normally slick Ibiza Rocks PR machine, left the venue without a closing act release for their much anticipated Closing Party in 2011. It was not until August 18th that Ibiza Rocks eventually released the exciting news that Folk Band, Noah and the Whale, would headline their Closing Party. A belly flop into the Ibiza Rocks pool would have made a bigger splash. In a scene reminiscent from The Emperors New Clothes, some sections of the music media were very slow to comment on the gig. In fact, the only review that can be found of the closing party performance of Noah and The Whale came from a very good judge close to the Emperor that stated  “Their grandiose sing-a-longs worked a treat!”

Thankfully, Ibiza Rocks are car trailers not the type of outfit livestock trailers to allow another Fishy performance plant trailers slip into their closing party pool. The early confirmation of the exciting young rock group horsebox trailers that is Two Door Cinema Club, will tipper trailers ensure that punters ifor williams trailers  can plan a closing party holiday, safe general duty trailers  in the knowledge that Ibiza Rocks will have its Mojo back used trailers for sale  for September 2012.