Mallorca Rocks Hotel

The powerful Spanish Hotel Group Fiesta, has today officially announced its intention to form a five year relationship with successful English entertainment company Ibiza Rocks. The deal will see a multi million euro investment in the Mallorca Rocks concept, with the redevelopment of the Fiesta owned, Aparthotel Jungla. In a move similar to the rejuvenation of the old Fiesta Club Playa Den Bossa into Ushuaia, the re branding of the Aparthotel Jungla, will allow Mallorca Rocks to offer a 3000 bed capacity for 2013. This season the brand will launch the Mallorca Rocks Apartments, formally known as the Magamar apartments, to meet the growth of youth focussed entertainment on the Island. The Maguluf based Mallorca Rocks Hotel (formally the Fiesta Tropico) sold out its high season rooms within three months of going on sale, such is the demand for the product.

The move by Fiesta, which is owned by powerful Ibicenco family, The Matutes, is a further endorsement of the rising star of the Ibiza Rocks Brand. Founded by Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle, after the demise of the infamous Manumission project in 2010, Ibiza Rocks has steadily grown in reputation, primarily due to its shrewd ability to spot young talent and market its product in a professional and effective manner. If the relationship works out well, it could prove to be the dawn of a emerging Global Brand. We wish the happy couple the best of luck for their future together.