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Ibiza Registers Record Tourist Figures For March 2023

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Written by Dan Kirwan

The popularity of Ibiza as a holiday destination continues to grow as record figures were recorded for European tourists visiting the island in March this year. The statistics released by IBESTAT revealed that UK tourists were the largest group of visitors at 8974, followed in second place by Dutch travellers at 6496 and third were the Italians at 5697. The opening of air routes into Ibiza from European airports by Irish company Ryanair, who also announced that they would be basing aircraft at Ibiza airport this year, ensured that nearly 30,000 people landed at Es Coladar airport in March. 

The figures represent over 35% growth in tourist footfall compared to this time last year and a 60% increase compared to pre covid 2019 figures. Easter was traditionally the unofficial start of the season, with several local family hotels opening to cater to Spanish tourists visiting the island for the Easter processions.

The big hotels would open in May, but with the season now extended, thanks to the clubs opening in April, more businesses are starting to open earlier to cater to demand. Once again, a shortage of Taxis and long ques at local restaurants, which, unlike the tourist establishments, remain open all year, has been the order of the day.

a shortage of Taxis and long ques at local restaurants

Well know San Antonio tourist venue Cafe Mambo opened this weekend with solid booking for tables from British clients. The famous Sunset restaurant usually begins its summer season in May and it’s the first time in its 29-year history I recall opening so early in April. With the island becoming so expensive during the traditional May to September season, many people are availing of cheap Ryanair flights and discounts available during the shoulder months of the season in March, April and October to visit the island.

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