Raon Fish A Local Delicacy in Ibiza.

For the local maritime community of Ibiza, an age old and much loved tradition is the fishing for the Raon fish. Annually, September 1st is a special time for local fishermen in Ibiza, as it officially marks the opening of the Raon season. Along with the Bullit de peix fish dish, Raons, are considered a delicacy on the island and many restaurants compete for the honour of serving the best one. It’s a matter of local pride and honour to serve the best Bullit De Peix or Raon dish and while everybody will have their personal favourites, opinions will differ as to the best places to go. From speaking to locals and chefs on the island here are some of the best fish restaurants mentioned, Es Bodaldo overlooking Es Vedra,  El Bigote in Cala Mastella, Restaurant Balansat in Puerto San Miguel and Can Pujol in San Antonio bay. For the fishing of Raon, traditionally a small wooden boat called a Llaut and a line rod are used to catch them, as they are found in shallow seas with sandy bottoms. Calm water and sunny weather are regarded as the ideal conditions to catch Raons. On Sunday unfortunately, the seas around Ibiza were reported as choppy and the fishing was not as good as was hoped. However those that did venture out returned with a sizeable catch that will fetch a good price at market as restaurants await the first catch of the season. I have never tasted the local delicacy myself but if you are in Ibiza this month make sure to ask for them and let me know!.