Ibiza Quills Turns Three

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When Danny kindly offered me a chance to write for this site he said “mention the creative goings on”.
So I’d like to introduce you to my resonators.

Ibiza Quills. Formerly known only as a Literary Society.

On a dark night in December 2017 patrons of the arts gathered at a bookshop in the centre of the island.
It was the first night and the last night.
First I.Q. event, last for the bookshop Libro Azul, now an interior designers.

None of us had a clue what to expect from the project.
Yet we were keen to get literary and arty.
This is Ibiza after all!

Our first edition is a delightful diary and natty notebook with matching covers designed by local artist Lina Redford.

Over the next couple of years I tried my best to organize creative workshops and historical talks.
With ever growing success, quite a feat as I am famously unable to ‘organize a piss up in a brewery’.
I persuaded (!?!) local artists, historians, photographers and poets to give their time and knowledge for free to entertain anyone who turned up to one of our Tipples.
Of course it helped that these events took place at beautiful and iconic locations such as La Galeria Elefante, Casa Maca, Teatro Espana and the Montesol.
We have been told by these venues more than once that The Quillers are ‘utterly delightful’.

In fact in this, the year of CD, we have managed to exceed even ourselves.
We were the ONLY literary event at Pikes, whose annual 3 day literary festival fell to ‘you know what’.
Our Literary Libation featured three local authors discussing their self-publishing adventures. It was a great success.
I fulfilled my dream of hosting an event at “Pikes Literary Festival” and the Quills cemented their status as inspirational, entertaining and jolly good fun.

As we turn three we are moving on
‘From Partying to Publishing – a natural evolution.’

Ibiza Quills printed collaborations………….

Limited Editions highlighting local artists and authors.
From books and diaries to postcards and notebooks.
Unique, exquisite, fine and oh so collectable.

Our first edition is a delightful diary and natty notebook with matching covers designed by local artist Lina Redford.
For more information visit her Instagram account.

To get your creative juices flowing I have a challenge for readers……

For the chance to win a copy of this very special first edition send me a one liner about Ibiza,


Seasons Greetings, stay safe n sane, Feelgood

Photo credits Victor Spinelli and Giada Aline

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