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Ibiza People & Food by Elke Cloers Review

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Written by  Virginia Feelgood

I am a person of much observation.
Some would say nosey, I prefer inquisitive.

That’s why ‘Ibiza People & Food’ by Elke Cloers was the perfect Xmas present for me.

The book is as bright as the sunlight that decks the Island.
Beautiful sparkling colours jump out at you from every page.
So very, very Ibiza!

I have always enjoyed the eclectic mix and multi-cultural vibe here.
Which reminds me of Berlin in the 90’s but with constant sunshine and beaches.

I am fascinated by peoples lives, obviously seeing as I am a wordsmith.
Would you believe, I am often too shy to ask ‘How did you end up here?’.
However, some of the answers are contained in this delightful cookbook.


 “She is a published writer of erotica. Oh, and makes the most lovely gin”

Not only does it feature wonderful vegan and vegetarian recipes but there is also a peek at the contributors homes and their ’story’.
The photography and design are stunning.
Giving an eyeful of the island and its Ibiphiles, all looking most scrumptious.

Giving me the perfect opportunity to amuse myself trying out the recipes whilst getting the low down on L.A.W. and Love Food Ibiza amongst others.

The utterly divine Tess of Love Food Ibiza baked the yummiest muffins for Ibiza Quills awards in 2019.
I have been avidly following her ever since.
Love the photo perfect food inspiration on social media.
My Musician thinks I have a cook crush.

Whilst writing My Ibiza Diary I became frigid during my first sex scene.
Frantic call to fellow author Lorna of L.A.W. Gin.
Who kindly gave me a hand to achieve the ‘happy ending’.
She is a published writer of erotica.
Oh, and makes the most lovely gin.

I am sure I have seen most of the other enthralling characters featured in this visual feast of a book at Las Dalias, Forada Market or on the beach, maybe Benniras drumming, somewhere, sometime!

The icing on the ‘cookbook’;
Elke is from Stars of Ibiza, who make the greatest sweaters from recycled cotton.
As well as being Happy Hippie Cats Ibiza, caring for strays on the island.
A percentage of the price goes to the charity.

Local, quirky, bright, multi-kulti, ethical, animal loving, informative, a ‘taste’ of bohemian Ibiza.

Boxes ticked,
I am off for a quick bonk, see page 44!

Stay safe n sane in these interesting times, Feelgood

Ibiza People & Food by Elke Cloers published by Hoelker Verlag, on Amazon and at local stores on Ibiza.

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