Space Opening Party The Start of Summer

Ibiza will open its Club doors in late May 2012, to welcome the thousands of Clubbers that will descend on the Island for the traditional opening parties that mark the start of the Summer Clubbing season in Europe. An estimated 25,000 people, will sell out hotels in Playa Den Bossa, not to mention the Clubs, which last year resembled sardine tins. Long Q’s and overcrowding were commonplace, especially at DC10 and Space which reverted to its traditional one day event after a trial two day opening party in 2010. Such was the demand for tickets and entry at Space in 2011, management may consider making the Space Opening Party a two day event once again in 2012. The Blog has been reliably informed that the Space Opening Party is 90% certain to kick off on the weekend of 25/05/12.

UPDATE First Dates announced first-ibiza-opening-party-2012

Official dates for the Opening Parties have yet to be confirmed but traditionally, the Opening Parties in Ibiza take place the last weekend in May, so that would make the 24/5/12 as the hot favourite to host the first Opening Party at Pacha, where David Guetta will launch his hugely popular Fu#K Me Im Famous party. Next up would be the Fiesta Del Aqua Opening party at Es Paradis on the 25/5/2012 (Confirmed as 18/5/12) . Last May witnessed the rushed opening of Ushuaia Beach Hotel which was then beset with a number of problems ushuaias-baptism-of-fire which included the last minute cancellation of its headline act DJ Luciano, due to a family bereavement.

Dalt Villa Opening Party IMS

After its difficulties in 2011, Ushuaia is bound to come out with all guns blazing for Summer 2012. If its commercial cousin Space decides to hold a two day opening party, then Ushuaia could revert back to a Friday Opening party on the 25th in competition to Es Paradis. If Space remains a one day party, then Ushuaia will have its opening on the Saturday. The internationalmusicsummit at the Gran Hotel will also be in town, where last year, Pete Tong held an Open Air party in Dalt Villa. The main event as usual, will be the Space Opening Party on Sunday May 27th 2012, followed by the DC10 Opening party kicking off just after 1pm the following day Monday.

Official confirmation of the Ibiza Opening Party 2012 dates are expected in the next few weeks. There is talk about an extended clubbing season in Ibiza with the Opening parties being asked to examine an earlier start in May and a later closing in October. This proposal, mentioned by the local Tourism Council, has yet to have any official response from the Clubs. Its probably just a kite flying exercise at present but may develop into a stronger proposal for 2013. A limited number of exclusive Opening Party VIP packages which include superior transfers and accommodation, concierge, VIP tickets and private tables to five days of parties along with a champagne sunset cruise on a private yacht, are available and start at €1890 per person sharing. For more details on this exclusive offer please contact [email protected].