Mr Joan Serra, Director Diario De Ibiza

The editor of Ibiza’s most influential local newspaper, Diario De Ibiza, has come out in support of a proposed €300 million development by the Matutes group at Playa Den Bossa. Mr Joan Serra, has attracted much criticism, after an opinion piece, where he argued the merits of the development, was published over the weekend. While he is entitled to his opinion and free speech, his position would be seen as an influential one, especially by moderate and progressive thinking individuals on the Island. Therefore, his public support for the project, will be seen as a key turning point in the debate. At present, the pro-development campaign, is well ahead of a poorly organised anti-development lobby. Conspicuous by their absence, the Green Environmental movement on the Island, which has successfully campaigned against similar projects in the past, have not yet come to the fore on this issue. With the recent draconian sanctions on citizen held liquid assets in Cyprus, there now seems to be a re-occurring theme in Europe, whereby a certain group of well connected people, are doing what they want and getting away with it. Its setting a dangerous precedent, as to the breaking point of ordainery people and how far they can be pushed, before they revolt. As Democracy is eroded by bureaucratic spin, the pen and currency, is now the greatest weapon in the arsenal of the aggressor, as it replaces the tank and foot soldier. Sadly, it now looks like Ibiza will sink under the weight of investment capital,once the flood gates are opened, by corporate friendly, safe haven, Governments.