Halcyon Days

Ibiza, its not as good as it used to be…….first spoken by a Phoenician merchant to his Egyptian drinking buddy back in 600BC, as he contemplated a move away from the dye trade and into the salt business. Down through the centuries people who visit Ibiza have either heard or echoed these infamous words at least a dozen times. Its also popular with people as they make the transition to a different stage of their lifes. Its a personal thing unique to each individual but similar to a viral infection, it can be contagious and have a negative influence.

Its seems to be a psychological issue rather than something tangible that a person can point to. It can affect tired minds or people not happy with their present life. Not content to move on or recognise the fact that places don’t change, people do. As Ibiza is a spiritual Island, possessing an energy that can influence direction in life, then the cliché  Ibiza its not as good as it used to be may be a reflection of this unique energy at work. The Carthaginians regarded Ibiza as a Holy Island, a gateway to the next life, intombing their nobility at Puig Des Molins, a necropolis with over 3000 tombs on the slopes of Dalt Villa. A revered City of the Dead.

Halcyon days belong to the sunny years of youth. When  people refer to the “Ibiza its not as good as it used to be” cliché, they are most likely comparing present reality to a nostalgic time when their life was carefree and seemingly endless. So, if you are young and carefree, try not to pay heed to Urban Myth, come to Ibiza and enjoy one of the best holidays of your life. I can happily report that Ibiza never changes…..people do.

Not everyone understands Ibiza, its a spiritual thing, a soul thing…….