The ruling pro-business government of the PP and POSE parties in Ibiza have suffered a loss of support in the recent European Elections. The two big established parties lost more than 10,000 votes in an election that was highlighted by voter apathy, with a low turnout of just 30%. Far left parties made gains as did Catalan Independence groups as Ibicenco voter sentiment reflects a pan European disconnect by the people with Government parties delivering austerity policies. While the Government in Ibiza may reflect on the result and take stock of its position, it will have little effect on the way they operate. There is not a General Election due until 2016 so it will be business as usual until then. While some concessions may be given and lip service paid to protecting the environment, the voters have failed to send a message of protest that will change anything in a hurry. It was the great Philosopher Plato that once said “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. While a disconnect by the people to politics is understandable, to stay at home and do nothing is only endorsing the actions of the people that govern. Ibiza needs her people to stand up and say something, otherwise the island is heading in the direction of a cliff edge.