A huge viral internet sensation at present, is the K Pop hit, Gangnam Style, by PSY. Its the current worldwide craze for teenagers who are posting the dance on Tumbler, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter in their millions. To date it has received over 40 million views. Gangnam Style refers to an exclusive area like Beverly Hills, so to reflect Gangnam Style, a person is upmarket, trendy, stylish and  from a well off background. Think Paris Hilton Asian style! The Dance itself is performed by jumping up and down on the spot with your hands held out to imitate the riding of a horse. The song has crossed many cultures worldwide and is universally popular. Its fun and different and not to be taken too seriously. While the meaning of  Gangnam Style would be an extremely apt and popular one in Ibiza, the song itself may not be such a success, as the playing of K Pop in any Ibiza Club would lead to the ejection of the DJ brave enough to play it. Below is a link to the track on You Tube.