A new era in mobile technology has arrived

A cool and cost saving application, for making free international, local calls and texts while on holiday in Ibiza or any where in the world, is the excellent Viber voice over solution. It allows people with the Viber download application to make free voice calls and texts to other users with the Viber app, thus saving huge costs of calling people on mobiles when abroad.

An Android (v2.1+) or I Phone is required to download the free application along with an internet or Wi-Fi connection when making calls. There are no hidden charges or adds, its a straightforward easy download which allows users with the Viber application to talk and text as much as they want. Other advantages include no registration, passwords or usernames and no need to add friends like Skype, as Viber uses the customers mobile number as their identity and allows them to call friends with Viber using their mobile number. Sound quality is excellent and the company has many free ringtones, wallpapers and features.

Its a must have application for people wanting to keep the costs down on their mobile phones and its the start of a new modern era of free calls and texts on mobiles, as traditional mobile phone tariff operators start to drop their costs to compete with free applications like Viber. Full details and a free download can be found at www.viber.com For people without an I Tunes account it can be downloaded at www.brothersoft.com/mobile/viber-download-79869.html