“The Tourists are coming”

A chemical warfare is being employed by local authorities, in a bid to manage the Ibiza Mosquito population. The annoying and nasty little creatures, are the target of many a tourists soft white skin, which they seem to enjoy all the more. Packing more bite than a Liverpool striker, Ibiza Mosquitoes, unlike their Scouse counterparts, have done really well this season, so much so, that the local Ibiza Council has allocated a €70,000 budget to combat them. An explosion in spring populations of the blood sucking flies, has led the Council to take action and target the areas where they breed. Favourite hang outs for the young Ibicenco Mosquito, include the wetlands of Ses Salines, Ses Feixes, Sa Rota and the Santa Eularia area. Officials will use chemicals, to kill the Mosquito larvae, before they have a chance to develop into adults. It is hoped that this preventative action, will control the adult population for the Tourist season in urban areas. It is good to see Ibiza take action, as Mosquitoes do have an effect on a Tourists enjoyment of their holiday time. Here are some tips on how to deal with Ibiza Mozzies.