All Inclusive packages are now very popular in Ibiza, as they seem great value for money, especially for families. There are a few hidden tricks that Hotels use when offering an all Inclusive packages, so at the end of the day, while they may look attractive the real deal is hidden in the detail. The cheaper the Hotel the lower the quality and quantity of food and drink available, so be careful when choosing an A/I package. Below are some tips;

The Pros

  • Cost Effective and budget friendly.
  • No need to carry cash.
  • Family friendly as movement is restricted to hotel.
  • No need to prepare to eat out every night
  • Convenience of all meals and entertainment on site.
  • Ice creams, snacks and drinks available all day for kids to help themselves.
  • Eat and drink as much as you like.
The Cons
  • Average quality food. Except for show cooking not fresh. Lukewarm and reheated.
  • Long Q’s at mealtimes. Pushing and barging by unmannerly guests.
  • Some Hotels will only roster one member of staff to reduce amount of drink served.
  • Even longer Q’s at peak bar hours, as all inclusive bar is separate, closes @11pm.
  • Drinks served singularly in small plastic cups to limit amount served. Re-Q again.
  • Mealtimes restricted to hotel restaurant opening times.
  • Alcohol will be cheap, low quality brand imitations. Pay extra for branded names.
  • Wine is awful, so is the coffee, which is machine made and regularly breaks down.

Here is some helpful advice on how to cope with an all Inclusive buffet….