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Ibiza 2022. Its Happening!

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Written by Dan Kirwan

A recent announcement by the CEO of the Ibiza Nightlife Association at the prestigious Fitur holiday fair in Madrid created a storm of social media activity not seen on the island for over two years. The positive news soon resembled a shark feeding frenzy as starved Ibiza lovers were ecstatic to see a warm beam of Balearic sunlight finally emerge at the end of a very dark tunnel. While the headline was a little misleading, it contained more sincerity and hope than the infamous Ibiza Is Happening campaign, launched at the start of the pandemic in 2020. The statement by the Nightlife Association is more a statement of intent than it is an official one. Like all things tourist-related in Ibiza, it’s a case of buyer beware as nothing is official until the Balearic Government in Palma says so. However, we will hopefully be in a much better place come May 1. 


Consumer confidence for the sun holiday is strong in the UK and Ireland.

The announcement by the Ibiza Nightlife sector is precisely what the big hotels, package tour operators and airlines wanted to hear. It should start a chain reaction that will build the Ibiza 2022 season into the biggest seen in a decade as punters are chomping at the bit to return. We will be in a completely different health situation from those we endured in 20 and 21. The island is now fully vaccinated. Those that were unvaccinated, many contracted the virus but were able to ride it out at home and recover. The UK and Ireland are in the main fully vaccinated and boosted so will enjoy simplified access into Spain.

While there are health restrictions in place and the clubs have been upfront about this, there is hope things could change quickly if the situation keeps on improving. We can’t say for sure what’s going to happen in the future, but with a favourable wind in the club’s sails, there is a chance that we could return to 2019 trading conditions. 

The Ibiza Travel Fitur Team in Madrid



Consumer confidence in the sun holiday is strong in the UK and Ireland, and I expect a healthy demand as holidaymakers seek to let their hair down after two years of lockdown. The island also has a packed activity holiday season kicking off in Spring and running during the shoulder months of the season. Accommodation prices rose over 30% in Ibiza last summer, and I feel the UK package tours operators will offer the best value deals as the big hotels re-open and supply increases.

Ibiza has become an expensive island, and those who missed the last two years will notice it on their return, so be prepared to spend this season. So my advice is to book early for flights and accommodation and wait until the clubs officially announce their DJ lineups and parties before booking tickets to events. Unless some unforeseen event ambushes the summer, in Donna Summer’s words, this time, I know it’s for real – Ibiza 2022 It’s Happening!! 

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