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Ibiza 2020 Fashion Trends

Ibiza Blog, Ibiza Fashion | 0 comments

Written by Laura Mears Reynolds

Hello, I’m Laura, and I am so excited to be the Ibiza fashion reporter for Danny Kay Ibiza.

Like all of you that have been intoxicated by the strong, sweet cocktail of heady hedonism and ethereal beauty… I am madly in love with Ibiza. It was love at first sight in 2006 when I landed and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the island and experienced unimaginable nights at the likes of Pikes and We Love at Space, sparking my creativity and indeed the need for amazing attire to encapsulate and express the spirit of Ibiza. This led me to starting my own brand Hathor a decade ago. I handmake hedonistic headgear, embellished eyewear and alternative accessories, which are stocked in many of the island’s boutiques and worn by Ibiza regulars such as Fatboy Slim, Cara Delivignge, Nervo and Lovely Laura.

From the otherworldly beauty and spiritual vibes that enticed the hippies to settled on the island in the 70s, to the rave culture of the late 80s and early 90s, to the chic mega yachting VIPs; year in and year out the same influences weave their way into the fashion of Ibiza, and all of these influences encapsulate the spirit of the island and merge together to form Ibiza style.

Here’s my guide to the Ibiza trends for 2020:

Hatters Gonna Hat

Both practical beachwear and a chic style statement, hats are a staple. Give the nod to the laid back hippie vibes in a floppy sun hat or perhaps you’re more of the belief that angle are attitudes like Grace Jones, who is one of the island’s indisputable style icons after her dalliance with the late and great Tony Pike. Ibiza’s sombrero numero uno is the fedora.

Whether you go for a classic style with one black ribbon; as can be purchased all over the island from boutiques to souvenir shops, embellished boho style from Emonk Ibiza or handmade by Thirty Nine Millinery in the UK, be sure to give it some Grace with a slight tilted angle:

Thirty Nine Millinery

Emonk Ibiza 

Ibiza’s sombrero numero uno is the Fedora

 Kimono She Did!

Kimonos are the epitome of day to night wear; as for many of us Ibiza enthusiasts, once you’re out, you’re out! This garment can work as a casual throw on at the beach, or covering a swimsuit and denim shorts combo for daily island escapades: a look sported by pretty much every Balearic beauty I know! 🙂

A loud or highly embellished kimono can be worn as the statement piece over a little black dress on a night out. Opt for a matching swimsuit and kimono set for the ultimate in day-party-chica-chic!

My go-to Kimonos are by deafened decorum and can be purchased online or on the island from the designer herself

 Tie Dye Kimono

 I also absolutely love these luxurious silk masterpieces by Mona Swims:

Silk patterned kimono

a look sported by pretty much every Balearic beauty I know

Walk on the wild side of Ibiza

Whilst pandemic regulations may restrict Zoo Project parties to virtual for the time being, animal print still roars it’s primal dominance on the island.

Expressing both the wild side to iIbiza and its unity to nature. One of the biggest Ibiza trends this summer, is animal print swimwear adorning barely there bikinis and luxe one pieces; from standard leopard print to abstract snake scales.

One thing’s for sure prowling the island in animal print is fierce.

Isawitfirst Zebra Bikini 

Leopard print Bikini  

Abstract snakeskin one shoulder one piece


These boots are made for STOMPING!

Any seasoned Islander will know it’s all about the boots. Stemming from the practicality of not having your toes trodden on in clubs, to the trekking about the island on unexpected adventures with the potential for an afterparty in a cave!

Solidified in Ibiza fashion history by the boho style of Ibiza regular Kate Moss. The eclectic embellishment of these boots is an Ibiza must! Adorning the dancing feet of both Ibiza hippies and VIPs and stocked at boutiques all over the island.

Cowboy boots are the ultimate in statement boots this season, and the tassled ankle boot style will never go out of fashion here. Beyond a homage to Ibiza hippie culture, they can actually be purchased at the Hippie style markets today, such as Las Dalias where Emonk Ibiza has a stall.

Rack of boots from Emonk Ibiza 

Snakeprint lightning bolt boots by Dolls Kill

Boots by Asos:


Adorn your third eye

The spiritual side of Ibiza is as strong as the magnetic draw of Es Vedra. With many party tourists opting for a half hedonistic/half healing holiday.

The spiritual vibes are echoed in the fashion of the island, with ethereal and spiritual symbolism aplenty.

Hathor embellished eyewear are the ultimate Ibiza sunglasses as they merge the Balearic boho-chic style with ethereal moon goddess vibes, topped off with a rave twist.

The removable statement chains make for a striking and chic decoration for the decolletage at beach clubs when you’re wearing very little whilst the chains sway to the beat as you dance.

Sunglasses chains are a huge trend this summer, particularly worn in the front to frame the face and cascade like a necklace.

With crescent moon, star and gem cluster third eye and cat eye adornments.

Hathor sunglasses are the Ibiza accessory.


Avin’ it large!

The year that cult Ibiza classic Kevin & Perry Go Large turns 20, 90s nostalgia is at an all time high on the island. The three main 1990s throwbacks for this season are beautiful baby doll dresses, bum bags and cycling shorts.

I adore the throwback silhouettes of the Sylvia Astore corseted dresses and the De La Vali minidresses from the infamous Annie’s Boutique situated within the Unesco world Heritage site that is Ibiza Old Town!

Love them or loathe them, lycra shorts are back with avengence. From fluro neon to fishnet; cycling shorts were all over the dancefloors of Ibiza clubs last year and they’re back again this summer. Opt for colourful coords with a matching lycra top if you dare as created by Tara Khorzad

The great thing about bumbags is – not only are they a incredibly practical hands-free rave kits – they work for many different styles. Iridescent translucent raver vibes like this addidas beauty, laid back hippie chic belt/waist bags, or a Gucci number for a chic afternoon at Formentera’s Beso Beach. 

My favourite bum bags scream eclectic festival vibes; handmade by Beksies Boutique, these sequin beauties would not look out of place in Sonny’s Boudoir at Pikes!
Dress by Annie’s Ibiza view more 

Coord cycling shorts set by Tara Khorzad

Ranslucent bum bag

Gucci bumbag view more 

Crazy festival bum bag – Beksies Boutique


The item on everyone’s lips… LITERALLY! 

The White Isle 2020 is indisputably a summer like no other! From the most unexpected chain of events has emerged the most unexpected must have item : The face mask!
Whilst many are reluctant to wear them, the government stipulations insist that needs must, so why not make a striking style statement with gorgeous handmade masks like these: 

LOM patterned masks 

Mona silk abstract animal print masks:

Beksies Boutique sequin masks:

I hope to see you on the White Isle soon for this Summer like no other!