Ibiza 2020. Eat, Sleep, Stay In Your Seat!

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Written by Dan Kirwan

As freedom of movement restrictions in Ibiza are tightened in an attempt to tackle Covid19 transmission rates and protect the islands safe Covid 19 status, hard earned as a result of closing its multi billion euro clubbing industry, the British owned Ibiza Rocks is trying to fight back by sitting down. Billed as the “biggest advertised event of the season” Ibiza Rocks owner Andy McKay, is hoping the Norman Cook coined promotion Eat, Sleep, Stay In Your Seat will raise awareness and encourage a serious discussion regarding a road map for the industry going forward.

He has enlisted the services of legendary Electronic producer Fatboy Slim who twenty years ago, fronted a similar stunt at Manumission when he infamously played his first Ibiza gig in the Manumission toilets during the height of his illustrious career, a moment that inspired Yann Pissenemen to create the Wild Corner within his unisex tolilet room at Hi.

Andy McKay is known for his ability to squeeze every last ounce of value out of a business opportunity, an attribute that has served him well over the decades, helping him build the Manumission, Ibiza Rocks and Pikes brands on the island.


All three parties rely heavily on UK and Irish customers, a market that sustains much of San Antonio’s expat community, which is facing an uncertain future, caught up in challenging cultural and political storms in Spain as a result of Brexit.

If the British community in Ibiza fails to respond correctly to the tricky Brexit enforced realities looming large on their horizon, they could be in real danger of losing their power and influence. With seemingly no support from Downing Street, the Brits living abroad will need to stick together and devise a post Brexit and Covid strategy to ensure they remain a part of the island’s identity. 

McKay has been leading the way, with a professional and respectful approach

to dealing with what many non national businesses in Ibiza view as unfair Covid19 restrictions. In a post on his Facebook late last night, McKay underlined the fact that he supports the Health of his local community in San Antonio, “We will do this safely, this is not an event to mingle and cross pollinate, it is an event to demonstrate we can enjoy ourselves whilst not endangering our community” he stated.

After 6 months of losing our humanity and our culture. Sometimes the only way back is in stages and this is a seated shuffle in the direction of freedom” Poetic words indeed from the shrewd and experienced McKay who is coming up with positive solutions and fighting to defend his Balearic manor from further attacks.

Image of Fatboy Slim & Zoe Ball who met in Ibiza after he played Manumision in 1999 at Privilege. 

It’s now time for the clubbing industry in Ibiza to start boxing politically, to unify and work together

utilising its prime social networks to lobby and represent its best interests in the corridors of power. Number 10 has walked alway from a lot of its responsibilities in Europe, so Brits living in Ibiza will have to adapt to an enviornment that is changing by the day.

If you are in Ibiza this week and you value freedom of choice and the spirit of old Ibiza, then get to Ibiza Rocks tomorrow for what is sure to be an inspired performance from the Fatboy and Ibiza Rocks crew.

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