Last year the big story in Ibiza clubland was the defection of Marco Carola to Pacha, the year before that, it was Sven Vath who sensationally crossed the velvet rope and ventured to the dark side of the force. Unlike Papa Sven who found the acquired Yankee flavored cherry taste of Pacha too sweet for his liking, Marco Carola it seems from all reports, is set to stay with Pacha and Destino next summer. Once again, Amnesia is back making the underground headlines with rumours of a story that even this blog is wary of repeating, as many would view it as blasphemous propaganda, but we will return to the main course later in this blog, after some tasty appetisers served first.

Contrary to what has been strategically leaked on industry friendly Ibiza websites, current whispers support our earlier held view that the big three at Pacha, Solomun, Carola and Dixon, will not all be there next season. With doubts surrounding a regular residency in Ibiza even before his Transmoderna closing party at Pacha took place in October, Dixon is rumoured to be vacating the Friday night slot at Pacha with a lower profile party taking its place. Lots of change rumoured for Pacha as “complications” hang over three parties there, with Claptone reportably benefiting from the demise of one, as the masked pretender is rumoured for a promotion to a weekend slot. Solomun is already locked in, but I would expect to be seeing more of the shrewd Serb playing other clubs next season. A door may become open for another new party to replace Claptone on Monday nights.

Some interesting changes taking place at Hi and Ushuaia next season, with Tuesday nights being the big story. It is rumoured that the very popular Aussie DJ, Fisher, who for the past two seasons has worked on building a strong alliance with Yann Pissenems Night League, will see that perseverance rewarded, with his own Tuesday night residency at Hi. The more underground and less theatrical credentials of Solardo and Camelphat are expected to transfer to Wednesdays at Ushuaia, but Solardo indicated on the DannyKayIbiza Twitter account that he may not be joining Camelphat at Ushuaia next summer. While sweetening up Tuesday nights, Pissenem is rumoured to be adding a fresh underground flavour to his French menu, with the possibility of a Joseph Capriarti dish on Monday nights. The Italians will be well catered to at Hi next summer if Capriati joins Tale Of Us on the Hi weekly schedual spearheaded by The King of Ibiza, David Guetta, who has contracted the talents of Romain Pissenem’s crew to produce his current World Tour. Well done to all the team at Highscream.

Over at Privilege, Resistance and Solid Grooves are expected to be in situ for next season at a club that may undergo pivotal development plans in the coming years, especially with a friendly PP controlled council in power in San Antonio. Under strong management, Eden, has been making big inroads into what is a vibrant San An scene right now. Defected stays and one of last seasons more diverse parties, Idol, is rumoured to be moving from its Monday night slot to Sunday, a promotion that will only add quality to the Eden schedual. Across the road at Es Paradis, the sleeping giant of San An clubs, I still believe its the only viable option left for the holy grail of a certain generation, the return of Space, as its current Catalan owner is in two minds as whether to sell up or not.  Likewise management at the old Sankeys venue, now Octan, has ensured that the Club is shaking off the mistakes of its past and staying relevant to the changing underground scene in the UK. I expect Octan to continue building solidly on a sure footed first season as the new owners of the property.

Back now to our main story at Amnesia, which also takes in gossip surrounding DC10 and Heart. Luciano was a big gamble lost by Amnesia last year and one would have to question the clubs judgement in a few decisions it has made musically over the last number of seasons. Rumours suggest that Luciano will continue his nomadic journey on the White Isle and is off to Heart next season and we wish him the best of luck there. The Ibiza legend that is Carl Cox is rumoured to be spending more time with DC10 next summer, as the revered underground venue looks to fill a gaping black hole in its schedual – the rumoured departure of Jamie Jones and his Paradice party to Amnesia on Wednesday nights. This sensational rumour is one of the biggest I have ever heard in Ibiza clubland, for a very long time, so big you would have to question its validity – but the rumour is out there now and you cant put the size of this cool cat, back into the bag again.

Its going to be the story that dominates next season, whether the islands Number 1 Underground DJ, the much respected and admired Jamie Jones, stays at DC10, or moves to Amnesia on Wednesday nights, with the potential of Cova Santa as a daytime option. Being so early in the season and from past experience, I have learnt that leaked early season rumours can be used for Kite flying exercises, as promoters and DJ’s test the water during tricky contract negotiations with club owners. If Amnesia do succeed in convincing Jamie Jones to play its VIP terraces, it will be a hugely significant coup that will put the independently owned club right back in the game. Ibiza needs independent ownership and diversity on its clubscene as the island becomes fertile ground for the growth of corporate, board directed VIP business models.

One thing for sure, is that Ibiza never fails to surprise and I for one will be looking forward to the 2020 season ahead, especially in the municipality of San Antonio, where all the fresh investment and redevlopment is gravitating towards. So there you have it, a report on all the rumours currently doing the rounds in Ibiza pre the Christmas period, a time not too long ago, when all you could hear was the locks turning on a season just passed.  For me personally, this new marketing approach brings to mind the words of Irish poet William Butler Yeats, when he wrote ” All changed; changed utterly. A terrible beauty is born” referring to the loss of innocence and the one constant in life, change.