Elton John Highlights Ibiza Rocktronic

As the San Antonio dust settles on the inaugural Ibiza 123 Rocktronic festival, the organisers can be happy that musically, the event was a success. Strangely, it was the non electronic music acts that stole the show, most notably Sir Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, Sting and Chic. The big EDM acts such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Luciano, Fatboy Slim and Pete Tong did what was expected of them on an Island know predominately for its super-clubs and dance music. While the event may have been a success musically, financially it was a disappointment and its survival will solely depend on the willingness of its investors to bank roll it amid an unsettled economic climate.

One of the driving forces behind the event, Live Nation boss Pino Sagliocco, has stated that he will support the event for a further two years. This was probably the best news to emerge from the three day festival.  Reports of slow ticket sales were confirmed by the moderate crowds that attended the festival and it is this key financial element that will test the resolve of the organisers. Nobody will want to throw good money after bad and the hard questions about the festival working as a successful business model will now have to be asked in the cold light of day.Some of those questions will include; is Ibiza ready for a rock festival; is the concept and mix right and most importantly, how much of an effect will the European economic crisis have on the festival going forward.

Ibiza is currently feeling the effects of a slow season, primarily due to a recession in two of its biggest markets, Spain and Italy. Already the Twice As Nice party at Es Paradis has fallen victim to the downturn not even lasting a month of the season. In an over saturated festival market Ibiza Rocktronic will find it hard to compete, especially on an Island better known for its clubs and dance music. Hopefully the professional and experienced team behind Ibiza Rocktronic will stick with it and take a long term view that it will require time to establish its brand. The festival adds value to the concept of Ibiza as a musical Island and its refreshing to see that people are willing to support this. Now more than ever, Ibiza needs a festival like Ibiza Rocktronic to be a success and with a little help from the party people of Ibiza, it can build on the many positives of its first season.