The island of Ibiza has many facets to her personality.  While the music and Holiday service industries fill most of the media output, not much space is given to the more sensitive and softer side of the island. In the last decade I have watched as the alternative and holistic healing movement grew. Yoga retreats are becoming more popular and offer a great value alternative to the concrete jungle of mass tourism in the purpose built resorts. Bio dynamic farming in places like Can Paradas and Can Musson along with the eco friendly Casita Verde have been around for a while now, but the latest trend to emerge is the field of alternative healing. The beautiful Atzaro Hotel in Sant Joan has been hosting the Healing Ibiza festival since 2007 and it has brought together therapists, healers, and yoga experts to showcase natural, organic medicine and harness the energy of stones and crystals. Having waited far too long to venture into this world, I felt this year was a good time to explore so I booked a session and traveled to San Carlos and Agroturismo Morna to open my mind to another side of Ibiza.

Everybody who understands Ibiza, is aware of the unique energy that the island projects. Jade Marsh, owner of Spirit Crystal Healing and one of the islands leading Crystal therapists, believes that unique energy is directly linked to the large deposits of minerals found in the islands red earth. It has been the most logical explanation to date as to the fabled mystery of Ibiza’s hidden power. So as I laid back on Jade’s treatment table, under the shade of a pine tree with only the relaxing sounds of the birds and nature around me, I was curious to tap in to the healing energy of the crystals. After months of office work and an unpleasant Ibiza Hotel experience, I was in need of some healing. Jade’s soft and soothing voice soon relaxed my mind as she described the 22 different crystals she was placing on the energy points of of my body. She did warn me before the treatment that most people are lulled into a sleep during the healing, I didn’t expect to nod off but I did, and when I woke up, Jade was there to give me a diagnostic report of my Chakra system.

My Treatment Table at Agroturismo Morna. 

After the refreshing treatment Jade explained to me that she worked on my chackra system to locate where there was an imbalance or blockage. Thankfully I had no blockage, but some areas of my body were under-energised and some over-energised. The healing had re-set the flow of energy in my body and mind and although I did not feel the effects of it immediately, over the next few days I did notice subtle differences in my body, as if my system had been cleansed and re-balanced. Jade had identified stress as being an issue and she gave me a small green and white Amazonite stone to hold when I became agitated in the future. I have already found it has helped me when dealing with stressful moments. I am a strong believer in balance. We can enjoy everything in life once there is balance in what we do. I found Jades treatment to be of benefit, more to my sub-conscious and aura, than my body. Would I go back for another treatment? Yes I would. I think it has opened a door to a soft and leafy path that I would like to explore further.

Jade is available for private Villa or Hotel bookings through Spirit Crystal Healing or by contacting her at [email protected]