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High Scream Shines Light Of Hope In Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

As the World’s clubbing scene enters a cold, unknown universe, banished there due to its Covid19 “super spreader” status, Ibiza is fighting back, as a ray of virtual light broke through the dark clouds this week. News that two of the island’s most creative agencies would be involved in a multi billion euro virtual reality project, that aims to revolutionise the entertainment industry, underlines the talent and prestige Ibiza clubland brings to the international table.

While we will discuss the impact of this novel development on a later blog devoted to the sustainability of virtual reality and how key people in the industry over here view its future, today’s blog looks back at an interview I did with Romain Pissenem, the artistic designer at Ushuaia and Hi in 2017, to give an idea of the work that goes on behind the scenes to produce a calendar of events at the famous venue.

Only last season, David Guetta appointed Romain his World Tour Producer and High Scream was riding the crest of a digital wave and are now ranked as electronic pioneers in the field of Digital Artistry. If Clubbing Ibiza is to recover from this pandemic, and much of the World will be looking towards the magical White island for direction, then the power and infulence of the Matutes/Pissenem axis will be required to get the scene started again.


With a decidedly French flavour to the digital wizardry of High Scream, the production company behind the dazzling design and special effects at both Ushuaïa and Hï , the man tasked with producing 18 shows a week, Romain Pissermen, takes it all in his Gallic stride. From concept to design and all that is in between, Romain is responsible for delivering the incredible shows that thrill thousands of people every week

As the finishing touches are put to the out of this world 3D effects for Eric Prydz, it is the cumulation of nine months meticulous work by High Scream. When the summer season ends in October, Romain and his team sit down and come up with the fresh new ideas and concepts for the following year. The company moves to London where it more effectively liaises with the conceptual artists, designers and DJs that help conjure the magic onto the Ushuaïa and Hï stages

A simple philosophy Romain utilises, is to work with the very best people in their field of expertise.

Over the next four months the team will decide on all the elements that go into each show including light, design, video content, costumes, choreography, acrobatics and the technical aspects and construction of each set. A simple philosophy that Romain utilises is to work with the very best people in their field of expertise.

In March, the props go into production in Paris and inspiration is taken from an international perspective so that all of the 18 weekly shows can be born in Ibiza. Each production is more than unique to the island, it is unlike anything else in the World.

It takes a team of over 100 people on the ground, working seven days a week for 4 months, to raise the curtains each night on the logistical theatre that is Hï and Ushuaïa.

Its visionary style has placed Ibiza at the vanguard of Digital Theatre production

As the last clubber departs Ushuaïa, a crew begins work at 1am to take down the stage and its props and have the next show set up and ready to go by 7am. Over at Hï the same process starts at 8am and finishes at 7pm. It’s a massive task of work and organisation that is delivered with aplomb by an industrious team with a Balearic spring in their step.

Its visionary style has placed Ibiza at the vanguard of Digital Theatre production and combined with the best DJ talent available, the stage is set and waiting to excite its audience for another amazing summer experience.


Below is the trailer to Prism the pioneering new project in virtual relaity entertainment. Image credits: Romain Pissenem Instagram 

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