One of my favourite parties in San Antonio has always been the Hed Kandi night at the beautiful Es Paradis Club in Ibiza. There are some parties that fly under the radar in Ibiza and Hed Kandi is one of them. What I like about Hed Kandi, is that it’s not one of those, loud, “in your face” parties. At times you forget that it’s there, but like an oasis in a desert, Hed Kandi is a refreshing tonic amid all the ordainery parties of San Antonio. With Judgement Sundays now moved to Fridays, Hed Kandi is in a prime position this season in Ibiza to push for San Antonio’s best party. A stylish and smooth house party with good production and a nice balance of live acts and DJ’s. To have the beautiful Es Paradis garden as it’s home, is another reason to put Saturday nights in Ibiza down for Hed Kandi. Tonight the club opens its doors for its eleventh season on the island, a real milestone for any club in Ibiza. So if its sexy and stylish house music you require in Ibiza’s most beautiful club, then put Hed Kandi @Es Paradis on Saturday nights in your “must do” notebook when in San Antonio. The blog would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Hed Kandi on reaching their 11th anniversary on the island and wish the team all the best of luck for the season ahead. Ibiza without Hed Kandi would just not be the same. Full details on their line up’s for the season are found here