All About Image @ Hard Rock Ibiza.

They billed it as “the most awaited announcement of the season” but when Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza unveiled the worst kept secret on the island – that Nile Rodgers and Chic would headline its Grand Opening Party on June 13, one got the feeling they missed a big opportunity to impress. While Guns N’ Roses, ZZ Top, Boston and Queen headline the Hard Rock season in Las Vegas, Ibiza delivers a funky disco act that has already appeared twice on the island, at Ibiza Rocks last year and at the hapless Ibiza Rocktronic Festival in 2012. While nobody can question the legendary talent, quality and pedigree of Nile Rodgers and Chic, their “Rock N Roll” credentials are suspect. Disco and Rock n Roll, are animals of a completely different colour and had it been the Disco Funk Hotel Ibiza, then the booking would have been a masterstroke. Judging by the contrived and manicured promotional material emanating from Hard Rock Ibiza, its musical future looks decidedly commercial and bland.

Models and actors preening themselves in front of the cameras is not what Ibiza is all about. A growing part of it is and people that want to do that, are most welcome to do so as Ibiza does not discriminate. But 800 rooms plus of it, will make a zone around Playa Den Bossa resemble a Paris Hilton convention. It is now clear that this fake, pandering product, is what the Matutes group want for Ibiza and to hell with integrity or putting quality Rock N Roll acts on the bill. Robin Thicke and Snopp Dogg are the other “Rock N Roll” acts ready to thrill the long haired, denim clad hogs on Harley Davidsons. It looks as if Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza will be all about the VIP product, stuffed with €10k bottles of Champagne, expensive escorts and more cash being thrown around than a scene from the Wolf Of Wall Street.

While some people in Ibiza were bragging that Hard Rock Ibiza would blow Ibiza Rocks out of the water, the San Antonio venue holds more musical substance and integrity in its little finger. Judging by the musical acts advertised so far, the only blowing Hard Rock Ibiza will do, is the air that comes out of its posterior. Ibiza Rocks looks set to continue its dominance on the island, as the only live music venue putting together edgy, real and urban acts, the type of music that’s not about image, but all about quality. For a group that would make the Ibiza Rocks budget look like a piggy bank full of coins, the people behind the Hard Rock concept in Ibiza, need to spend some money and book some serious Rock N Roll talent to perform in Playa Den Bossa, or else their concept will become irrelevant. Hopefully they will get their act together and do something about it because this is not Rock N Roll on any planet and especially not in Ibiza.
Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – Campaing 2014 (Making of) from Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza on Vimeo.