Happy Mondays For Ibiza 2012

Confirmed Happy Mondays To Play Ibiza Rocks August 22nd Read Latest here/happy-mondays-confirmed-for-ibiza-rocks.html.(if they can make it back from Mallorca the previous day :-). In a week that saw Rhianna, Sting and Elton John mentioned for-july-ibiza-rocktronic-festival, the Ibiza rumour mill is working at full capacity with social media outlets all racing to break new stories. Its a new development for the Island and one that is good for business, as it promotes the Ibiza Brand and gets people talking about the season ahead. As the great Irish poet Oscar Wilde once said “there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” An interesting rumour that has pricked the ears of this old newshound, is the whisper that Happy Mondays may pay Ibiza Rocks a visit this summer. Lead vocalist and party animal Shaun Ryder, announced last month, that the iconic Manchester band would reform and play gigs in London, Bournemouth, Glasgow and their home town. Ibiza is sure to be in the running for a Happy Mondays gig, as it would be a perfect fit for the colourful and controversial band. The Ibiza Rocks venue would be an ideal venue for the Happy Mondays and a party that would rate as one of the must see gigs for 2012. Their appearance at Manumission in June 1999, led to a 64 hour, non stop party, that went down in Ibiza Legend.