Friday April 20, across the Western World, especially from where it originated in the United States, is a day to celebrate Pot Culture. In Ibiza Marijuana or “Mari” as it is lovingly referred to is a national past time, due mainly to the infulence of the Hippies and the laid back manana culture of the Spanish. In Spain it is legal to grow your own Marijuana and smoke it at home for private use only. Possession or use of Mari in a public place is not a crime either, but it is a public order offence and Police can issue fines of €300 plus if caught smoking weed in a public area. Most smokers in Ibiza will use it in Public but with discretion, the golden rule of drug use on the island.

It is also legal to grow cannabis plants in your garden but limited to personal use, under Spanish law a Judge will determine the number of plants that is deemed personal or commercial and if deemed excessive, expect a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years if found guilty. The Spanish state considers the selling of Marijuana a real crime and you can expect a sentence of about 1 to 3 years depending on the amount you are caught with. The sentence can rise with previous convictions or if you are shifting large amounts of the plant. It is also legal to to sell or buy seeds and other hemp products like oils and creams.

In Ibiza, Cannabis Clubs set up by associations are both legal and popular, with about a half a dozen clubs on the island. Once you are a member of the Club, you can purchase Mari or Hash (mainly from morocco & know as chocolate) for personal use, but you must smoke it inside the club as it is illegal to transport it on your person in a public area outside. So armed with the knowledge of how to smoke Marijuana legally in Ibiza, we hope that you will enjoy a spliff or two with friends or just by yourself at 4.20pm today. Below is a video that explains the origins of 420 day.