Giuseppe Cipriani in his Ibiza Racing F3 Car at Monza

While Giuseppe Cipriani, was starting his first race of the Auto GP series, on row four of the grid at Monza racetrack last week, his new Ibiza Club, Bomba, received a race entry qualification for its Ibiza début this summer. The local town council of Ibiza has granted Club Bomba permission to proceed with its plans to open this May. Objectors to the Club will have ten days to resister their complaints. It will be interesting to see who puts pen to paper and officially registers a complaint against the Club. It is certain that there will be local resident objections, due to noise and anti-social behaviour, but any other corporate interests, will have to publicly declare their hand, if they are not happy with the project. Its very unlikely that a standard procedure of local planning would hamper the opening of Club Bomba, but if there was a powerful legal objection registered, then it could delay matters. The next 10 days will reveal who is for and who is against the club.

On the racetrack at Monza, Giuseppe Cipriani was not delaying, as his new Ibiza Racing team, made a sensational winning début at the 2013 Auto GP series. The F3-V8 engine cars, with brand new Italian designed chassis, are the hobby of 46 year old, Italian restaurateur, Cipriani. The new Ibiza Racing team, was assembled for the 2013 series and it will certainly help promote the VIP Ibiza brand image, that the playboy Italian markets to. In an exciting race at Monza, Cipriani finished in a creditable ninth position, 35 seconds behind the winner and team-mate, Sergio Campana. The Ibiza Racing team, now lies in second place, behind leaders Euronova Racing on the Teams Championship table. The next race will be held in Morocco at the famous Marrakesh Street Circuit on April 6th, with the series touring to Silverstone on June 1st.

Giuseppe Cipraini 

Back at the office in Ibiza, Danny Whittle, has been busy sorting out the marketing image for the new club. After a shaky and uncertain start with the “La Bomba” name, the Clubs identity was soon changed to a more acceptable, one word “Bomba” title. Also undergoing a design makeover, is the Clubs logo, which will be unveiled soon, along with the clubs website which has yet to go live. Already tipped for residency at the exciting new Club are, Luciano, Simon Dunmore of Defected Records, Erick Morillo of Subliminal and Pete Tong of Radio1 fame. Like its Formula Three racing team, Cipriani will not lack for the talent and professionalism that will be associated with his new club. 2013 promises to be a big year for Giuseppe Cipriani and Ibiza looks set to play a major part in his plans for success. I for one, look forward to the launch of Bomba this summer in Ibiza and I feel many others will be thinking the same.Reckon I need to break open the piggy bank for this party…..