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Ghosts Of Ibiza Halloween Past

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‘Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your neighborhood’

…Or at least that’s how Ibiza Halloween would usually kick off! Islanders gearing up for Thriller’s crescendo at one of the many wild Halloween parties dotted all over the white isle.

An island full of hedonists, creatives and fashion lovers, who need absolutely no excuse to party and dress up… well, you can imagine what happens when you actually give them one! I’m not sure I can fully explain the importance, the decadence and the outrageous fun Halloween in Ibiza is. It has to be experienced first hand… to say it’s next level would be a complete understatement

Forget about the heady highs of anticipation for the summer ahead of opening parties, and the ‘one more choon’ enthusiasm of closing parties; to thrash the season out until the very last beat drops. Halloween is when everything is over for Summer workers; this is their closing party… and it lasts for days and days! Usually 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd November witnesses seas of actual zombies trekking across the island from one afterparty to another. The undead ‘walkers’ marching in packs including the likes of Freddie Mercury, Pennywise the clown, Marie Antoinette and a pair of gangster Octopuses… the makeup dripping down their face from sweat from a night or two of dancing and the walk in the daytime sun

Parties allow us to escape the horrors of the world and in a particularly horrific year, we all have a lot of steam let off. But despite a need to party like never before, Halloween will not go ahead as usual on the island this year due to covid restrictions.

Usually the infamous Brothers Grim party would see Pikes Hotel decked out like a House of Horrors, complete with live actors freaking out the party freaks. 

Alas, Pikes has already and understandably closed for the season. 


“I on the other hand, will be partying virtually this year”

My other favourite Halloween party is Mischief, which used to be held at Atzaro and last year moved to Las Dallias. Such a wicked party featuring DJs Tom Grimes, Blackbeard, Santanna, Joshua Holland and Magic. Sadly the team have been forced to cancel this event but promise bigger and better next year… I can’t even imagine how amazing that will be!



In previous years I would work with the In Your Dreams Ibiza Team doing Halloween makeovers at the Mischief and Babylon Beach Club events. Ghouslish and glamorous makeup; turning many Ibiza dreamers into nightmares in the In Your Nightmares pop up boutiques. I’m very sad it’s the first year out of a great many that I won’t even be on the island as It’s genuinely my favourite day of the year, and the best parties of the entire Ibiza party calendar.



But all is not lost, many islanders are still dressing up like it’s their last night on earth and gathering in small groups to the venues which are still open, whilst following social distancing guidelines and all other safety regulations.
I on the other hand, will be partying virtually this year and toasting the hoards of Halloween hedonists from afar… blood filled chalice in hand. MWAHAHAHAHAAHAA!

To kick things off, In Your Dreams are doing an online event on 27th October at 7:30pm with an incredible evening for fellow creatives to learn Halloween makeup looks. Tickets are just £37 and include a beauty box gushing with gifts galore, worth over £200! 

Featuring the likes of the insanely talented Roisin Makeup the Ibiza team’s manager, instagram influencer and total legend… this night in is going to be BIG!


With all the tips and tricks up their sleeve, this zoom event will be an absolute treat!
Tap the link in bio on Itsinyourdreams instagram page for tickets, or use code LAURA20 on their website for 20% off their Halloween Face Gem Collection.
If you’re on the island and would like your Halloween makeup done, I highly recommend: @ibizamakeupartist and @nwhairmakeupbeauty

For those forced to party at home this Halloween, I will be attending THE Halloween party to end all parties and stomping up a storm in my kitchen. So if you’re not going out-out, join me in staying IN-IN… 

I’m so excited for Sunday Club’s ‘Dias de los Muertos’ featuring legendary DJs Queen B and the Viscount, bringing the bangers to your home – where dancing is most definitely allowed!

As this party is in celebration of the life of lost loved ones, Sunday Club are raising funds for Nelsons Journey, a Norfolk charity in aid of supporting bereaved children. 

This will not be a somber affair… alike the Mexican festival, they will be celebrating life, music and love! Go to the Facebook event: Sunday Club – Dias De Los Muertos 

to join the party and donate to this very worthy cause. 

Although this year I am haunted by ghosts of Ibiza Halloween past, I will be dressed to the nines and dancing ‘til dawn in their honour!


And grizzly ghouls from every tomb

Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive

Your body starts to shiver

For no mere mortal can resist

The evil of the Thriller’

Hasta luego
Laura x

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