The trendy East London party, Fuse, curated by the talented, Enzo Siragusa, is rumoured to be moving to Amnesia alongside the Hyte party on Wednesday nights. After a residency at Sankeys, Fuse moved to Space last season, where it held three successful parties on the famous sunset Terrace. This summer will mark Fuse’s eight consecutive season on the island and a potential move to Amnesia, should help the party make the breakthrough on the Ibiza clubbing scene. Whispers are suggesting that Fuse will partner the techno inspired Hyte Party on Wednesday nights which would create a slick tech-house collaboration.

The two parties would have a definite crossover appeal and the British following that Fuse would attract, should also help Hyte build on its first season on the island. Its a logical move that should mutually benefit both promoters and looks a shrewd tactic on paper. While it was handed a difficult task to go up against Jamie Jones last summer, Hyte did just enough to earn a second season on the island. The team behind Hyte did a good job getting its brand noticed in Ibiza last year and I personally feel the party has the potential to succeed.

Alongside Darius Syrossian, Enzo Siragusa is part of a new wave of talent that is refreshing the Ibiza scene. He will most likely be joined by another artist riding that wave, the likable German DJ tINI, whose sets have always been well received on the island as well as other artists connected to the Fuse label like Rossko and Seb Zito. If Fuse can crack Amnesia, it will establish the party at the forefront of a new generation following names like Hawtin and Luciano. While this rumour has still to gather pace, if true, Wednesday nights at Amnesia will become a lot more intresting and add to what is already turning out to be one of the most exciting seasons in many years.