A new organic online movement has been formed in Ibiza to counter what they feel is “persecution and criminalisation” of music by authorities and town halls. Musicia is a local Spanish lobby group that wants to promote and protect the art of music as a cultural symbol of the island. They want the Government in Ibiza to respect a person’s right to listen and enjoy music, dance to its beat and keep Ibiza sounding day and night. This movement is in response to local Governments draconian restrictions on live music and sound levels, which has angered lots of people on the island, many of them young working professionals in the industry.

The initiative is supported by Ibiza Sonica Radio and a number of other high profile names are expected to reveal themselves over the coming months. With elections due next May, the timing is just right for such a lobby group to exist, representing those that want music to remain an integral part of the islands culture in a respectful and tolerant way, whilst applying intelligent regulation and laws. An honest discussion between all the affected stakeholders is long overdue on this issue, once all parties are open with no hidden agendas at play.