The Dangerous Pink McDonalds 

A twenty six year old British man, found dead in his Hotel room on Saturday afternoon, has become the first reported causality of a drugs related death in Ibiza this summer. The man named yesterday as Chris Gary, was on holidays with a group of friends in San Antonio. He is suspected to have died from circumstances related to excessive alcohol and ecstasy use. Results of a post mortem are due in the next few days but reports from a local newspaper suggest that he may have taken five ecstasy pills, along with a large amount of alcohol. Reports that high strength batches of the drug and its main component MDMA, are currently in circulation on the Island, has led to warnings that tourists be extra careful and vigilant regarding the drug and its effects in a hot environment, where heat combined with Ecstasy and alcohol use, dehydrates the body at a much faster rate than normal, which can result in organ failure. In 2005, a contaminated batch of liquid ecstasy, was responsible for the hospitalisation of twenty four people and the death of one person. Earlier this year, a dangerous batch of the pink ecstasy pill Pink McDonalds, was responsible for the death of four people in England, including Merseyside teenager Rose Farley, whose family are good friends of Liverpool captain, Stephen Gerrard.

Update 3/3/12 A 21 year old Austrian man has become the latest victim of an Ecstasy and Alcohol related death. The man named as Stefan Schauer died from cardiac arrest aboard a party boat in the waters of Formenterra on Wednesday.