Ibiza Beach Firedancing

Visitors to the Island of Ibiza, may have witnessed a Firedancer in full flow, most probably around the Sunset Strip of San Antonio, as the setting Sun sinks below the horizon. Firedancers and Fire Shows are an integral part of the unique Ibiza energy. It may have something to do with the four classical elements of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, which are the basic building blocks of life. The fifth element, is considered to be, not of matter but beyond the material world and not of everyday existence.These Five elements are important to the essence of Ibiza, which seems to draw its unique energy and power from their natural state.

Most Firedancers are a transient lot, traveling the world and experiencing different cultures, easily integrating due to their unique skills with fire. Most are independent, strong in spirit and not commonly associated with the rat race of modern life. Many will have experience in all types of events, promotional videos, TV shows, private parties, restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, opening and closing parties, circus, weddings, and beach parties.

They are becoming a popular performance act at Ibiza Weddings, as couples want to reflect a more substantial and organic element of life at their ceremony. The Blog can recommend Ruth Bell a fire dancer, who works on the Island of Ibiza and who is available for private bookings. She can be contacted through [email protected] Prices start at €180.