Finnebassen In Action

2013, will be a pivotal year in the career of, Finnebassen, a 25 year old DJ from Oslo, who embarks on a 14 week residency at Sankeys Ibiza this summer. A well touted favourite, amid the social media platforms of young dance music aficionados, he has been picked up and signed, by David Vincent of Sankeys, who last year was responsible for introducing Solomon to the Island. Its a big endorsement for the rookie DJ, who will not have a crew around him, but instead play solo, interacting with the Carnival, Flying Circus and other once off parties at the Playa Den Bossa Club. Already tipped by the Blog as a trend for Ibiza 2013, we will be keeping a close eye on his Ibiza journey this season. We caught up with the man during the week and asked him to tell us a little bit more about himself and what he has in store for us this summer in Ibiza.

Tell us a little about yourself, how you started DJing and what influences you.

I’m 25 years old and I spend my days producing and playing music. I started playing music when I was 18… it was like a disco for kids at a summer camp. I absolutely loved making them dance.  The next year I started playing with decks and I have been playing ever since. 

It’s hard to define my influences, because there are so many of them. But on a general basis I reckon people taking pride in what they do and people who are able to innovate themselves into something better. For example, as a producer, I like making a track that’s 10 times as good as the stuff he has produced earlier on. 

Is your production style different from your DJing style. 
Definitely. I produce a lot of down-tempo stuff and sometimes that doesn’t work in a dj format. I play music that I like and that inspires me. On the other hand I love playing down-tempo music as well, but I rarely get to showcase that aspect of my dj’ing. Daniel Bortz, is a big inspiration when it comes to not giving a shit about the bpm. He played in Oslo on my birthday and he started at 110bpm and I was like …. ok… so you can play this music in a club?!!?? and that was an eye-opener. It drove me to be a bit more gutsy with my song choices. 

Tell us a little more about what style of music you play.
I play a bass driven 4×4 deep house music. I tend to play songs that have a lot of emotion in the start of the set, then switch it up towards the end and play tracks with more attitude, then again take it a bit down again. I rarely play faster than 125 bpm and rarely slower than 115 (in a club that is) 

What’s your experience of Ibiza to date.
I went there last year to play a place called lio with my friend Karmon. It was an amazing night, except they wouldn’t let me inside the club cause I was wearing shorts! I was super angry, but when I saw the people inside and the club itself… it was worth putting on pants for. All of a sudden Pete Tong showed up and invited us to Pacha!!  It was an incredible night. 

How do people in Norway perceive Ibiza.
Well I’m not the voice of all Norwegians, but I reckon they know that it’s an island full of naughty children who dance a lot? haha! no… I think they think of it as a place to go on vacation…… or to party. But all the people who heard about the residency at Sankeys are super stoked on my behalf. 

What do you hope to gain from a season playing in Ibiza.
I hope to gain experience. It’s a big step for me, as Luca from Audiofly said “your playing with the big boys now” and that’s kind of scary.  Just one year ago I was in my bedroom producing music, now I am playing with my idols and I hope I impress them. It’s kind of stressful…I hope I get better at reading crowds. I hope I make A BUNCH of new friends! I hope my new tracks go down well and I hope I get a tan! 

What ambitions do you have personally
I feel I answered that in the question above, but yeah… I think experience is the key word. Getting used to playing for a club full of people who are used to first class electronic music and getting used to the fact that I am actually here playing. 

What can we expect from Finnebassen at Sankeys this summer.
A lot of new music.  Expect Finnebassen 2.0 

Apart from the music what do want to experience in Ibiza this summer.
Food, beach, sun and people

Who would you tip as an artist to look out for this year in Ibiza.
Finnebassen….. obviously… hahaha… no …i’m not sure who is playing everywhere, but I reckon its going to be amazing all over. 

Thanks to Kal at theunderground for his help with the Interview and of course the man himself Finnebassen, for taking the time to talk with us. We wish him the best for the season ahead. Finnebassen will play the Opening Party at Sankeys this season.Check out Sankeys website
for full details of dates, or listen to a Finnebassen set.