As a parent myself, I understand the logistics and hard work involved with moving a family from point A to point B!  Its like bringing a circus on the road at times. Temperamental Clowns, Hungry animals, wandering horses, cheeky monkeys and dangerous acrobatics all ensure that the ringmasters, Mummy and Daddy are constantly on their toes

While the rewards of a Family Holiday together can be fulfilling, its also hard work and anything that can ease the pressure on Mum and Dad is greatly appreciated. In Ibiza the locals understand that if the children are happy, then the paymasters, Mum and Dad will be too!

Ibiza Culture is very family friendly. Children are raised on the beach where they get to meet lots of lifetime friends, and as the culture is predominately Catholic, all children are taught to know their place and be mannerly. They also spend lots of time within Adult company in restaurants, where they are allowed to stay as long as the parents once they behave to a certain extent.

So bringing the kids on holiday in Ibiza is easier than most families realise, as there is a good infrastructure of family activities and familiarity of their needs.

On this page I will try to help Mum and Dad decide which resorts are family friendly and best for their particular requirements . Also I will touch on the activities available for families on the Island. Hotels that are geared towards family entertainment and the ones that are not.

Family Friendly Restaurants, playgrounds, excursions, entertainment tips and secrets will be updated on this page in the near future.