A haul of  recovered stolen Mobile Phones In Ibiza.

Mobile Phone theft is becoming an increasingly lucrative business for the many pickpockets of Ibiza. They are easy targets for thief’s especially on the beaches, bars and clubs of the Island, when tourists are easily distracted and not paying attention to their belongings. Pickpockets know very well that the vast majority of tourists will have a mobile phone on their person. For females it will be located in their bag and for males in a pocket of their shorts or jeans. They have become experts at light hand lifting of phones from pockets and bags. A friend of mine had his jeans cut open with a blade to release his brand new I Phone 4 worth over €400.

In recent weeks, after a rise in official complaints by tourists, local Police set up a surveillance operation to catch some of the criminals. They soon arrested two people, a 24 year old Moroccan man and a 27 year old Nigerian woman, caught red handed as they attempted to rob tourists on a beach. A further 31 stolen phones were recovered when Police searched their house. Its is estimated that there are roughly two hundred pickpockets in operation on the Island at any one time, targeting tourists and cars parked at remote beaches. The stolen Phones are sold outside the Island, through an elaborate and professional network bringing in on average €100 per phone. When on Holidays in Ibiza, never leave valuables in cars and always be aware that pickpockets are in operation at all times on the Island.