Please tell me this is not happening

We all know what its like to have the head of a company or business, arrive onto a work area. Its best foot forward and everybody is on good behaviour to impress the boss. The last thing you want to happen is for something to go wrong and embarrass the division or team while the Chief of the Company, is present to witness the whole sorry affair. Spare a thought then, for the crew of a Ryaniar flight, from Dublin to Faro last May, who experienced the, anything that can go wrong will go wrong Murphy’s Law effect, full frontal. The crew had the pleasure of welcoming no nonsense, Ryanair Chief executive Michael O’Leary, on board their afternoon flight to Portugal.

Everything was going to plan, as the jet left its slot ahead of time at Dublin Airport, and prepared to taxi to the runway. Mr O’Leary had bagged an extra leg room front seat (its good to be the King etc) and was reading his newspaper, happy in the knowledge that everything was rosy in the garden. The crew were extra pleasant and nice and it was reported than more than one stewardess smiled at the same time. Those smiles quickly turned to fearful grimaces however, as news from the cockpit confirmed that the flight would be returning to its apron. Mr O’Leary eyes lifted above his glasses and over his newspaper, as his glare fixed on the two stewards sitting directly in front of him. For the two crew members, it most have felt like having a Jurassic Park Raptor eye balling them for dinner.

Jurassic Park Raptors

As the beads of sweat rolled down the faces of the crew, their worst nightmare was realised, when it turned out that the reason for the flights about turn, was that three passengers were boarded on the wrong jet. In all the expectant excitement and dread of having Darth Vader on their flightdeck, the crew had committed one of the most serious and fundamental errors of their job, failure to double check their passenger manifest. The flight was delayed over an hour, as the embarrassed and mortified crew rectified the problem under the quiet, steely gaze of the boss, who remained in his seat reading his newspaper as the illegal stowaways were ejected. On the plus side for passengers, was the absence of the annoying trumpeting fanfare, announcing “another Ryanair flight has landed on time” on touchdown in Faro. Also on board the flight was Irish International Football legend Niall Quinn, who shared a smile and quip with Mr O Leary, as he departed the flight.