Cannabis Coffee Shop in Amsterdam.

In a recent Blog on the subject of the Dutch Government forcing  its unique Cannabis Coffee Shops not to sell its product to tourists, I posed the question that this discriminatory law would have to be challenged as it would be hard to enforce and would set a precedent for future restrictions. In a surprise and unexpected move this week, Dutch Justice Minister, Ivo Opstelten, has announced that the new laws are to be scrapped and that local authorities would govern the Cannabis Coffee Shops. It is not clear whether the ban is lifted in the southern regions that are currently enforcing the law, as the Minister still expects the local authorities to keep the tourists out of the shops. The sudden change of plans on this controversial new law, is seen as a compromise move by the Government, to allow for the Amsterdam Coffee Shops to remain open to tourists, while other areas keep them out. It will be up to each town to make its own decision on the issue.