Abel Urena

The Dutch Judiciary have agreed to extradite Paulo Baptista, the man accused of the death of Ushuaia employee Able Urena, to Spain, where he will face trial in an Ibiza court on Monday the 12th of December at midday. The decision comes as a victory for both the family and friends of Able Urena and the Guardia Cival, who conducted a professional operation to locate and apprehend him. The work that the Guardia Cival put into the arrest was a determing factor in the extradition of the accused to Spain, along with the unusual willingness of Baptista not to contest the claim.

It is expected that the extradition will take place in the next 2 weeks. The Ibiza coroners report confirms that the punch to the face was responsible for Able Urenas death and not the fall to the ground. This would imply that the prosecution will ask for a murder charge but it is more likely, considering Baptistas willingness to return to Spain, that a manslaughter charge will be pursued.

It will be interesting to see if a plea bargain may be entered into or if the case will go before the media and a Jury. The family of Able Urena will no doubt want a full trial to ascertain the facts which led to the death of their son. If convicted, a murder verdict would see Baptista serve a 12-26 years sentence, whereas a manslaughter verdict would carry a much more lenient sentance.