New Dublin Airport to Ibiza routes.

No, its not a miss print or some promotional offer, but in fact the current all inclusive, no hidden extras, return fare with Ryanair for a Dublin-Ibiza flight. This is the first year of the service for Ryanair, after the introduction of the route by Aer Lingus 3 years ago.

Last year, Aer Lingus had to add an extra scheduled day to cope with demand. Leaving such a profitable route unchallenged with Aer Lingus is regarded as a cardinal sin by Ryanair, so the no frills airline decided that they wanted a piece the action also, by announcing a twice weekly direct service from Dublin.

In an effort to trump Aer Lingus, Ryanair have decided to start their service in late March, compared to the Aer Lingus early May start date. This has resulted in the cheapest ever return flights offered on the Dublin Ibiza route. Book any flight departing before the Easter Break in mid April and avail of flights from as little as 9.95 with no online check-in fees or taxes!

Ryanair flight times are much more customer friendly than Aer Lingus. Departing Dublin at 16.15 and Ibiza at 20.10 on Wenesdays and Sundays. The Aer Lingus depart times are 1850 and 23.00 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

N.B Update 4/3/11 Ryanair have announced changes to the Dublin-Ibiza flight departure times. The Dublin departure time changes to an unpleasant early morning 06.20 flight while there are a few changes to the Ibiza departure times ranging from 10.55 to 20.15.